Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Weekend

We were really lucky this Easter to have so many visitors stay with us!  From Thursday to Saturday we were able to snatch Rebekah away from the Mesa area and bring her clear out to Peoria for some relaxed fun.  The few days were spent shopping, eating, relaxing, and playing with this cute boy.  

He LOVES Aunt Bekah... and I'm pretty sure that's an understatement.  He would run to her instead of his own mother on many occasions. :)

Dying easter eggs Friday night - topped with toasted marshmallow milkshakes - DIVINE!

We love our phones around here :)

Playing the piano with Dad - one of his favorite pastimes.
On Saturday we drove back to Mesa to drop Rebekah off at Emily's house for the rest of her stay, but before we let her go, we took her to the Easter Pageant.  It's always such an amazing performance and I'm glad we all got to go this year.  Thank you Emily for letting us put Colby down at your house so we could enjoy the pageant even more.  It was super sad to see Rebekah go, but we'll see her again at Christmas time and get to spend more time with her then.  An added bonus was meeting up with Spencer's parents who were down in AZ for a sibling family reunion with the Peterson's.

After dropping Rebekah off, we drove back home and welcomed Spencer's parents for another few days of fun.

My boys dressed in their Easter Sunday best.

Church was wonderful, full of beautiful music and words.

Grandma and Grandpa Hill even brought Easter treats for Colby all the way from Utah.  Lucky boy!!

Colby loves any screen time he can get - especially with Grandpa.

 We had a nice Easter dinner, then ventured out to the Phoenix temple site to see the progress of our local temple.  Monday we spent shopping and shopping some more, then it was time for them to drive back to Mesa Monday night.  We loved having then here and are excited to see them again in a few weeks!


Sarah Goodman said...

Cute! I love how Colby loved your sister so much. I am glad for the update. I remember Lindsey saying something like it feels like Christmas when you post because it is private so you have to check it.. I totally understand now! It feels like Christmas!

Kelsey said...
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Rebekah said...

Ah I miss that cute boy so much! I can't wait to play and cuddle with him again! Love you guys! :)