Monday, January 10, 2011

18 weeks

While I was in Oregon for Christmas break I began feeling our little one moving around like crazy! Since Spencer had been back in Arizona already when the baby started kicking (he came back a few days before I did for school), he obviously couldn't try to feel it kicking. The day I got back to Arizona, I had Spencer put his hand on my tummy and sure enough it was moving around pretty vigorously. After a few minutes of waiting, it kicked and scared Spencer so bad! It has been super fun and we are loving every minute.

We find out what we are having on Friday! I'll keep you posted.
We are BEYOND excited! Hopefully the little one cooperates. :)


Lindsey Bench said...

I can't wait to rug that belly. Creepy? Maybe. But get used to it.

You look so cute Kels.

Erin said...

Kels. You are so cute. Love the shirt too...I bought the same one! We can be twins!

Melissa said...

Oh how cute are you...I wish I looked that cute when I was prego! Tom is a big day!! I can't wait for the news

Kirst said...

Kels you are so stinkin cute! I wish I could see you in real life!