Monday, January 10, 2011


Spencer completed his Biology degree at BYU back in April of this year in preparation for dental school to begin in August. Although I wouldn't be officially graduating until December with my Elementary Education degree, they informed me two weeks before graduation that I would be able to walk with Spencer in April!

So now that we have both officially graduated (seeing that it is January and all), I decided that I could finally post these pictures.

Before commencement, trying to find his groupies ;)

If you can't tell from the picture, I wasn't expecting him to smooch me while they were trying to take it. I look a little surprised ha!

He finally found everyone! Danny, Greg and Spence were in many of the same classes since they were all planning on attending dental school. Danny was just accepted to Louisville, Kentucky for their dental program, YAHOO!!! And Greg is in Oregon at OHSU attending his first year.

Trevor has been one of Spencer's best friends since, well forever. We love the Anthony's!

From left to right:
Danny, cousin Greg, Spencer, and Trevor

And of course, we finally found Kent at the end of commencement. So glad that we ran into their family... perfect timing for a quick pic.

Jumps of Joy :)

Spencer graduated with his lovely wife, ;) as well as two of his cousins, Esther and Greg. It was definitely a party.

I married such a goofball. :) Man I love him!

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Melissa said...

love the pic of Spencer kissing you...too cute...pumped for tom!! ha!