Monday, May 9, 2011

2nd Grade

I finished my student teaching way back in December and have been able to go back only twice since then to visit.

This last Friday was the most recent of the two and my oh my, I sure do miss having 21 little kiddos racing towards me for a hug while simultaneously screaming down the hallway, "Mrs. Hill!!!!!!!"

My mentor teacher never tells them when I might come so every time I do, it is a complete surprise. I think I like it the best this way. :) I love seeing their faces when they finally recognize me with this huge belly of mine and I secretly love it when they try to walk back to the classroom as well behaved as they can and instead they can't stop talking, smiling, and giggling because I am there for the afternoon.

This time around I was able to tell them that our little baby is a boy and oh man, those 13 boys in that classroom were cheering and hollering as loud as they could! I also showed them my 3-d ultrasound pictures since they won't be able to meet the baby because he will be born in the summertime. They asked as many questions as they could including:

"What are you going to name him?"
I told them Colby, but that was not enough.

"What is his middle name going to be?"

and then my favorite,

"What's his last name going to be?"
I couldn't help but chuckle a little under my breathe... I helped them figure out that it was probably going to be Hill :)

Just a few things that I don't want to forget:

~ The second we got back into the classroom, two or three little girls started furiously drawing me pictures so they could finish them before the end of the day and before I left.

~ "Mrs. Hill! You're tummy is SO BIG!!!!"

~ My little friend Alex gave me two words of advice, "Good and luck." She continued to tell me about her little brother and that when they turn four, I better watch out and not let Colby on any counters because he will definitely find the candy that's hidden up there in the cupboards. Before we left for the buses, she ran up to me and fished a little something out of her pocket... a quarter.

"Mrs. Hill, this is to help you buy baby clothes for him."

I just love their little personalities! I also walked out the door with a few more treasures that the little cuties were keeping for themselves to take home. Rocks that they had found from recess :)

I can't help but go back one more time to visit before the school year is over. Friday it is! And once again, it will be a secret.


Andrew & Amber Smith said...

HELLO!!! I was just thinking about our good times we had in that 1st grade class. The small kids are adorable. I can't believe you are having a baby so soon, that is so awesome! I wish you were still close so I could come see you and your baby, he will be so cute. Hope all is well!!!

Erin said...

Holy updating. Way to go! Love those little kids. they say the cutest things don't they?

Kirst said...

haha i love this post! kids are so stinkin fun!