Saturday, May 14, 2011


Spencer's last day of class was last Thursday, so naturally, we celebrated!

I have been wanting to try this recipe that I found here. If any of you have had the privilege of eating at either Tucanos or Rodizio Grill in Utah, or I guess if you served your mission in Brazil, you may have had the chance of devouring these babies. They are SO delicious! So I finally gathered all of the ingredients that I needed and made pao de queijo to help Spencer celebrate his last day of class.

I quickly made a sign before he got home and used the translation app on my computer to translate something like, "Congratulations on your last day of class!" I don't know if it's exactly right... but he got the point. :)

As for the recipe... it's awesome. They are definitely the best fresh, and if you're going to try them, I would leave off the salt that she added on the top of the individual rolls. Other than that, they are perfect!

Wahoo Spence on almost completing your first full year of dental school! One down and only three more to go! :)


Kirst said...

YAY!! one year down! i can't wait to try out that recipe! :)

Emily said...

Congratulations!!! 1/3 of the way through :).