Monday, May 9, 2011

Chandler Shower

I was lucky enough to have a few baby showers put on in my honor for this little boy of ours. The first was put together by my mother-in-law and sister-in-laws while we were visiting in Utah a few weeks ago. It was absolutely fabulous to visit with many of the Hill and Peterson family members in Utah that we miss so much! The food was so delicious and Nicole made the cutest cupcakes I have ever seen! Too bad I didn't pull my camera out ONCE! I have got to get better at that.

My sisters here in AZ put together an AWESOME shower for me a few weekends ago. It was so great to have some of the Peterson clan there as well as a few friends from Peoria and of course, my sisters.

The food was so good... I could not stop eating it.

On the menu was:

Emily's cheese ball with crackers
veggie platter
breadsticks with marinara and alfredo sauce
cake pops
oreo truffles
delicious fruit
Mom's shortbread cookies
cotton candy
and Izze's for drinks!

Here was the layout... and the "C" in the middle is for his name, Colby. The decor was SO cute! And I have to confess that I only have pictures of this one because I stole them from my sisters blog :) Thanks Erin!

Emily and Lyla

The sisters

It was so perfect to just visit with family and friends, open presents together, and enjoy each others company. Thank you sisters for making it all happen!!! And thank you to everyone who could make it! This little man is already spoiled and he isn't even here yet! Spencer and I have been blessed with so many wonderful family members and friends and are so thankful for all the effort that has gone into these gatherings!
Thank you!


Emily said...

That was a fun afternoon! And may I say you look good!!!

Rachel said...

I wish I could be at these things...I sure miss my family. I'm glad Melissa is here for a few months:)

Kirst said...

looks like fun! And I LOVE the cute! I wish I could have come to one of them, so sorry I couldn't make the one in Utah!