Thursday, May 26, 2011

Well, no baby yet folks!

He gave me a scare a few weeks ago and made me believe that he was going to make his appearance much earlier than planned... as in, four weeks earlier. Although it would have been so fun to finally meet him and see his cute face (and not have a pregnant, heavy body anymore) , it is probably in his best interest to stay cooped up in my belly until he is fully ready.

Hopefully that means he is coming sooner than later. I mean I am 38 weeks now, so you would think that he is fully cooked, right? :) I'm just getting really anxious for him to come and I am so excited that another two weeks seems like an eternity away. I am becoming more patient by the day though!

In the mean time we have been trying to keep busy instead of sitting around and waiting because I have figured out the hard way that sitting around and waiting is the most horrible thing when you're trying to make the time pass.

So Spencer has started working on the backyard! It's a project that we've been planning for a long time now and it's finally happening. We ordered the pavers, they were delivered yesterday and it already looks AWESOME!!! Really though, it is already transforming into a real backyard and we could not be more excited. Both Spencer and I really can't believe it. More to come on the backyard in future posts because I have a ton of pictures that I haven't put on my computer yet.

Also, my feet have been looking something like this lately...

Of course I didn't put a picture of my real feet on here, or anyone else's real feet because quite frankly I think feet are disgusting. So cartoonish feet demonstrate it well enough. My legs have retained so much water in the last two weeks that when I touch them even slightly, they leave dents in my feet for at least an hour. It really is unbelievable. My feet used to go back to normal after being up for a few minutes, but that does not happen anymore! And this picture is not too far off of what my feet look like in real life. Oh boy oh boy... please come soon. It's hard to do anything productive when your feet are twice the size that they normally are. I used to be able to wrap my hand around my ankle and almost touch my fingers together... now my hand only makes its way around half of my ankle. No exaggeration.

Good thing that he is coming soon! He will make it all worth it.

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Rachel said...

ouch! I bet swollen feet really hurt. You're getting so close! The last few weeks are the worst...but then it's over!