Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pregnancy Updates

I will miss the tricks I can do with my belly...

I was sitting with my cup like this the other night and didn't even notice. I guess I've acclimated quite well to having this belly of mine.

And here I am at 36 weeks!

I went in yesterday for my 36 week check up and I am dilated 1 cm. My body is definitely getting ready for this little guy to come! Braxton hicks are becoming more painful by the day and I have had them all. day. long. I started feeling them pretty hard in my back yesterday and today I had them so hard that I had to stop pushing my cart at the store multiple times. They have slowed down a little bit but I'm not sure how much longer I'll be pregnant! I was reading a website last night of all the symptoms of going into labor and I was able to check off everything on the list but one... my water breaking. So were just waiting! My due date is officially June 11th, but they are only going off of the size of the baby. Could be days... or it could be weeks!

What are your predictions?

Day/time of delivery
hair? color?

Guess away!


Erin said...

May 16th
6 lbs. 5 oz.
19 in.
light fuzz
nice tan complexion
cutest little baby face ever!

Lindsey Bench said...

May 16th
10:30 am
6 lbs 2 oz
dark hair
brems nose
cutest thing ever.

Rebekah said...

May 23rd
6 lbs. 8 oz.
19 in.
a little bit of brown hair
cutest little guy ever!

Mary said...

May 18
4:42 am
dark fuzz
and lookin just like Kels!

Lindsey Bench said...

I changed my mind. He same stats, but he better wait until his original due date, otherwise what are you going to get me for my birthday?

Erin said...

any contractions? any action? maybe june 1st....???Whenever he feels like it!

lbrems said...
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lbrems said...

June 7th
3:30 pm
7lbs 4 oz
19 in
Little old man look with the Brems nose (but don't worry, he'll grow into a stinkin cute little boy)

Paul said...

June 7
7 lbs 8 oz
19.5 in

And he'll look like this:

Melissa said...

May 18th
2:30 am
7 lbs 2 oz
18 in
light brown fuzz
perfect eyebrows and nose just like his Mama
but sideburns like his daddy :)

Emily said...

Sooner than later as long as I am in the same place just different hospital. And yes, mom will come to you! I will put my older ones to work...oh they will be so excited :) As for stats...smaller than mine, shorter than mine, lighter hair than mine and covered in blue while mine should be covered in pink. And definitely the "Brems" (well really Sanders) nose will be dominant.

Bradley and Mariah Evanson said...

Kelsey! You look adorable!

Jonathan said...

*6:11 pm
*6 lbs 11 oz
*light brown hair
*olive skin
*and apparently I'm supposed to say "cutest little [fill in the blank] ever!"

ps - the pic Paul attached looks like a baby Chris Farley. weirdo.

Paul said...

@JB - Uh, yeah, that's the point.

Melissa said...

I just realized what shirt you were wearing when doing your tricks :) forgot about it!! You have sooo many options of what to wear, it makes me happy!!!