Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Going to the Dark Side....

For the longest time I wanted to try going darker... and by that I mean my hair. I would muster up enough guts to try it and then when the time would come around to take the plunge and set the appointment to get my hair done, I would always revert to going blonde again.

Over time Spencer decided that he wanted me to try it too. By the time he was encouraging me to go darker, I officially decided that I couldn't ever do it and I would always stick to the lighter side when it came to my hair.

This last time I got my hair done Spence was not too excited that I was going light again so he made me promise that the next time I got my hair done, I would go darker.

The promise was made.

And so it is.

After this baby is here, I will go darker.

I'm nervous to see what it looks like and hopefully I like it enough. I was looking through pics today and realized that I have had my hair dark before!!! (well at least dark for me)

So here's to many changes in the near future! And if my hair looks something like it does in these pics, I think I might be ok with it.


Lindsey Bench said...


Melissa said...

Okay, I have told Kyle that numerous times because I hate my roots but I know I'm not going to like what's a girl to do...and ps...your hair in those pictures aren't dark, it's your natural are you going dark or natural :) lol

Erin said...

very true melissa. That IS your natural color Kels. It's okay to stop lightening. I stopped at one point too. Can you believe I actually highlighted my hair a lot? i've been all natural for a long time...even the few grays I find here and this morning. Grrr.

Rachel said...

your natural (darker) color is really pretty Kels. It even has beautiful highlights in it if I remember correctly. I don't go as light as I used to anymore either because I hate the roots and I never get back to the salon as often as I should.