Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Magic Kingdom.... and the rest

Day three and four were spent at Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.  At Disney World you have to take a ferry or the monorail to get to the park from the parking lot.  
It was SO windy and cold on the ferry.
This picture cracks me up... Spencer had the day all planned out for us (as he usually does when were at a disney park), and was a man on a mission.
Obviously Colby hated that his stroller wasn't moving the entire time on the ferry.
These pics are all mixed up - this one is from Aerosmith's rocking roller coaster.  I forgot how fun that ride was!  We could only ride it a few times before it gave me a headache though... I guess I'm too short  because my head just hits both sides of the seat the whole time.  
Colby could ride Dumbo, Aladdin's Magic Carpet, etc (aka any ride like Dumbo), over and over again. He LOVED those rides.  
He was not scared of the characters at all.  He was holding their hands, giving hugs and talking to them like they were normal people.
The castle was gorgeous for Christmas!  They had it covered with millions of lights and it really was beautiful.
Day three was totally spent at Magic Kingdom.  Colby's favorite rides were Dumbo, Aladdin, Pooh, Peter Pan, and the Little Mermaid.  Day four was supposed to be all Hollywood Studios, but there aren't very many toddler friendly rides over there, so Spence and I took the monorail back to the Magic Kingdom for the night.  Lucky for us they were doing a special event that evening after the park closed to start the Christmas season.  They were serving free hot chocolate, cookies, and it even "snowed!"
Spencer decided he wanted the job of being the family photographer during the trip so we hardly have any pictures of him with us.  Although that's kind of a bummer, I am excited that I have some pictures with me in them since I am usually the one taking them!
Before we headed to the airport, the timeshare provided snow cones at the pool.
 I'm always surprised with how well Colby does on flights.  This time was no exception.  He made friends with the people around us quickly and even slept... dream baby!
Overall, we had such a great time and it was even more fun that we were able to spend time with my brother Brian and his family (that we hardly EVER get to see), and my parents.  What a fun trip!  We did Disney three times this year.  The first in February (just Spence and I with some friends), then in September with the Hill clan and last in November with the Brems'.  After going so much in the last year, I think I love it even more than I did!  I'm already getting antsy to go back.  Until next time!


Erin said...

so much fun kels! Makes me want to go!!!

Jessica O. said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! I can't believe how big Colby is getting! You look beautiful as always :)

Kirst said...

So glad you guys had a blast. ps Colby has the most gorgeous eyes ever. I love it!