Monday, December 10, 2012

NOEL and Gingerbread Houses

One of my favorite Brems' family traditions is a game that we play on Christmas Eve called NOEL.  Each player gets a Christmas paper plate, four sugar cubes with the letters N-O-E-L written on them, and puts a $5 wrapped white elephant gift in the middle of the circle.  My Dad puts one minute on the timer and when he yells "GO!", we all get our crazy on.  The rule is that once you roll the word noel, you can grab a present from the pile, or you can steal a present from someone else.  Truth be told... no one plays by the rule... especially my Dad.  In fact, I think the only person that probably adheres to the rule is my mother.  It's pretty dang hilarious and we all just laugh the entire time.  This continues for one entire minute... which seems a lot longer when your playing the game.  Afterwards, my Dad reads one of those "Right and Left" versions of The Night Before Christmas, so you never end up with the gift that you finished the game with.

The tradition has been carried on to the next generation here in AZ and each year we hold a NOEL game of our own.  One of the best gifts I've seen here was a few live goldfish in a wrapped up box.  I think only one of them survived the trauma of the game.  Poor fishies. 
 Colby was loving his time as the center of attention before the kids opened their presents.

 We also decorated gingerbread houses.  Spence claims this is the first he has ever decorated... wha????!!!  I thought never dying easter eggs was weird!  Maybe he just doesn't remember.  Like anything he does, he was pretty meticulous... and it was a pretty good looking house!

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