Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

First is stockings.
Then on to breakfast.  Donuts of course.
Then it is time to unveil the sheets for the kiddos.
 Colby's was all about Elmo this year.  He is OBSESSED with all things Elmo.
Then of course it is present time!! I gave Spencer a few seasons of the office, new headphones, tickets to go cart racing, socks and new undies (of course - he's the logical one in our marriage), and a remote control helicopter.  Spencer spoiled me and gave me a new apron, all ten seasons of friends, a sewing machine case, and a new attachment for my kitchen aid.  Love that man.  Colby got tons of cars, toys, stickers, clothes and shoes.
Christmas was a great day full of love and giving, and it was even better that we got to stay in our jammies all the day long.  The day pretty much wore Colby out!
 Love my boy.

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