Sunday, December 30, 2012

Grilled Cheese Grill and Voodoo Donuts

Every vacation to Oregon requires a trip to the Grilled Cheese Grill.  Seriously, this place is one of my favorite stops in downtown Portland.  The menu is killer (at least I think so), and everything I've had there is delicious.  Also, you get to eat in a retro double decker bus... so fun!  
I mean seriously, those tables.
The next stop was Voodoo Donuts.  I can't believe that for as long as I lived in Portland, I had never been there before.  It's such a weird donut shop, but I loved trying the different flavors of donuts that they had.
Apparently 2 pm is a busy time at the Voodoo.  We had to wait in line for 15 minutes before we could order our dozen.
Surprisingly, the captain crunch donut was my favorite.  The rest were super delicious too, though.
We swung by Paul and Lindsay's on the way home to drop off some treats.  It was fun to see their new house now that they are actually moved in!  The last time I saw it was clear back in October (over a year ago), and I only saw it through the back window. :)  They were closing on the house (it was vacant)... I was not a stalker.

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