Monday, December 3, 2012

Disney World - Epcot and Animal Kingdom

Our first stop at Disney World was Epcot.  
 We spent most of the day with my parents and half of the Brems' girls and had a blast.  One of the first places we went was the Coca-Cola shop to taste all the "Flavors of the World."  They have little cups for you to sample popular sodas from eight different countries.  
Some were pretty good... and others were, well.... not so good.
 Look how cute my parents are!  Still so in love. :)  My Dad used to be a soda jerk back in the day so this stop was a request from him.  I'm glad he wanted to stop because I don't think I would have even known about it.  I'm pretty sure they went to the soda shop again before they left Epcot.
Spencer and I usually took turns going on rides.  At one of the rides in Epcot there was a great kids playing area that Colby loved.  He was sooo happy. (There are not a ton of kid friendly rides at this park so this probably was a highlight of the day for him.)
There is also an amazing and humongous aquarium at Epcot with dolphins, sharks, sea turtles, fish, etc. The aquarium and the animal kingdom safari ride were some of my favorite parts of the whole trip.
The second day at Disney World was spent at Animal Kingdom.  

Before we jumped on the safari ride:
It felt like the ride was at least 30 minutes, maybe even longer - and we all loved every minute of it.  Seriously.  Even Colby!
The animals were so close!  I love wildlife tours like that.  My favorite animal was the okapi (half zebra, half giraffe).  It was one of the first animals we saw and I just thought they were so cool looking.
I love me some pretty flamingos too.
Because we were there in November, the Christmas decorations were up.  Each park had their own tree decorated specifically for that park.  Animal Kingdom's was covered with statues of animals, obviously. :)
Love that little cheeser...
All week long these white birds walked around each and every park trying to get any food lying around.  We were able to see the Lion King show that night and as we were walking back to the car, ALL of the birds started flying to the trees to sleep for the night.  It really was amazing!

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