Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Before Spencer got sick, we had planned a whirlwind adventure for November.  He has about three weeks off for Thanksgiving.  The first week was the cruise, the second week was Thanksgiving in Utah, and the third was Disney World with my brother's family and my parents.  Since the cruise went well, we decided to go ahead with everything else and just kind of take it easy.  So off to Utah we went!

Most vacations to Utah include a little fishing trip.  Spencer went with his Dad, Grandpa, as well as Uncle Dan, and a few cousins.  I bowed out of this one - it was a little too cold for me, obviously. :)

Spencer is the crazy one when it comes to Black Friday.  It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without some shopping and good deals.  He even went so far as to print a map of Walmart, assign each adult in the family a department/job.  I stayed home with the babies while everyone went out on the town.  Last year it took us hours to check out of Walmart.  This year, they were literally home in 30 minutes with nearly everything that everyone wanted.  No. Exaggeration.  I guess assigning jobs really did work!
This boy loves to be outside, especially with Grandpa and the sheep!
Uncle Spence and baby Sarina.
The Hill Thanksgiving dinner always includes some games afterwards.
We sure do love all of these people!
The grandbabies 

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