Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hospital Visit

Spence got SUPER sick the week before finals in November.  He was prescribed some meds to take, but they just weren't working.  After muscling it out for a week with absolutely no sleep and hardly eating anything, he called his doctor to tell him that the medication he prescribed wasn't working right and he was sent to the ER with the notice that he may have to be admitted to see what was going on.  He went straight from school and spent about 11 hours in the ER before they had a bed for him upstairs. 

He was not excited to have to stay....
Thanks to some great friends, I was able to go to the hospital around 7 pm that night and decided to sleep there with Spence since he was not looking very good at all.  It was so hard to see him in so much pain... and it was especially hard to go home to Colby without Spencer.  It was just the weirdest thing to know that Colby and I were at home doing regular everyday things when he was ten miles down the road sick as a dog and we couldn't be there with him.  
 Later that day I was able to take Colby in to visit for a few minutes.  The nurses said I could bring him in, but not for very long since there is so much sickness in the hospital. 
We were blessed by so many people here that week.  That was one of the hardest weeks for me to date, but it helped so much to know that there were people to help take care of our family when we needed it most.  So many people offered to help watch Colby so I could visit Spencer in the hospital over the four days he spent there.  We were given meals, flowers, priesthood blessings, etc. and everything was so appreciated.  
He was admitted on Thursday and stayed until Sunday night - just in time for the big vacations we had planned for his November break.

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Jay said...

Kels, your family is so adorable! I hope your Spencer is feeling better and it was sad to see that cute baby of yours with his allergic reaction. Take care, my friend!