Saturday, November 3, 2012

Disneyland Day 2

That morning we received the news that Grandma Hill had passed away early that morning.  It was a fairly quick passing and pretty unexpected so it took us all by surprise.  We were sad that we couldn't be there in Utah to comfort Grandpa that day, but were grateful that we could at least all be together.  Mom and Dad changed their flight plans and left a day early to get back to Utah and Brandon and Holly did as well.  We all spent as much of Day 2 together as well since we knew it would be the last day that we could.

Our second day at Disney was spent in California Adventure.  The day began at Cars Land trying out the new rides and exploring the amazing Radiator Springs.  It really feels like you are walking into the movie when you turn to go down that street.  Cars Land is still so new that the fast passes for any of the rides are all taken by 10 am.  We were able to use baby swap passes for most of the rides so it didn't make too much of a difference for our group.  The babies couldn't go on the first ride of the morning so they all hung out together with a few Aunts and Uncles.

Baby Serena 

Baby Alyssa

Baby Allison

And of course the Colbster.

Spence and I headed over to Bugs Land while we waited for some of the group to finish a ride.  Colby hated waiting in line and it was nearly impossible to keep him in one.  But once it was our turn, it made the wait worth it.  My pictures aren't great from Day 2, but hopefully we can remember the crazy days at Disney by them. :)  We had a blast!

I'm pretty sure this was on the ride "Radiator Springs" in Cars Land. 

While we waited to find our seats at the World of Color, the kids ran around with their glow sticks - they somehow still had tons of energy... I was pretty exhausted at this point! :)

Radiator Springs


Kirst said...

i love it when you blog! :)

Kirst said...

I love it when you blog! :)