Friday, November 2, 2012

California Here We Come!

We started our drive to Anaheim around 11 am and made it there by 5 pm.... my kind of road trip.  Colby did pretty great and lasted almost the whole drive without any movies.  We tied the computer up with a rope to ensure that it wouldn't fall on Colby.  Pretty legit, right?? ;)  Don't worry.  I sat next to him the whole time just incase.

 We made it to the hotel, met with the rest of the Hill crew that we hadn't seen in months, and we all jumped back into our cars and drove to Huntington Beach for the evening.  It was Colby's first time at the Ocean.  He was a little weirded out by the sand getting between his toes, but that didn't last long, especially once he got to the water.

It was a pretty cold evening.

Spence and Colby kept running away from the waves... they managed to get caught a few times though. :)

We finished the night off with a beautiful sunset, then headed back to the hotel to get some rest before our first day at Disneyland!!

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