Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween 2012

I was not on the ball with Halloween costumes like I was last year (well last year really wasn't that much different, but whatever, at least we sewed two costumes together on Halloween day).  Spencer and I had a few family costume ideas including our favorite - a pilot, flight attendant, and a peanut - but none of them worked out like we had in mind.  So that left us a few days before Halloween on the night of our ward's trunk-or-treat with no costumes.  Spencer had the brilliant idea of being trekkies.  We just so happened to have the perfect clothes and I whipped up some arm bands and badges with cardboard and aluminum foil.  Funny enough, I think this has been my favorite costume we've had since Spence and I have been married.  There's just something so awesome about a simple, cheap, and comfortable Halloween costume that makes me happy. :)
A few days later we dressed up again and went trick-or-treating for the first time with Colbs.  He LOVED it haha!  He literally ran from house to house choosing his own pieces of candy.  That was the night we discovered his love for plain m&m's.

I didn't do too much holiday baking this year, but I did venture out and made a pumpkin pie from scratch - crust and all.  It was sooo yummy.

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