Friday, November 2, 2012

Disneyland Day 1

We all tried to stay together for the most part on our first day at Disney and we had a blast!
It was Colby's first time and he was in awe. :)  The first ride of the day was Buzz Lightyear, and he was SO happy.
The Hill stroller brigade.
Mickey's house in Toon Town
Colby wasn't scared of Mickey at all!  In fact, the first thing that he did was grab Mickey's nose and smile at him. :)
After taking all of our family photos with Mickey, the camera man finally noticed Russell's little tummy.  Silly boy!
Passed out on Mom's shoulder during Pirate's of the Caribbean. 

We got home from Disney and waited until midnight so we could find out who won the Epic Room Makeover Giveaway.  I had totally convinced myself that I was not going to win because I didn't want to be completely bummed if I didn't.  All the Hill's that were still awake gathered in Mom and Dad's hotel room and waited until the final results were posted.  Mandi had sent out an email to the top ten saying that she would announce the winner in a blog post at 12:00 am since the linky that keeps track of the votes would automatically display the person who won by showing how many votes that person had over the entire week.

We waited and waited and waited... and there was no blog post.  I looked on the linky and my picture thumbnail was the only one that had a number of votes underneath it, so I thought that maybe by some miracle I had won!  BUT, I couldn't be sure or let myself really believe that I had won until I saw the blog post myself. :)  

12:10 am, still no blog post, so Spence leaked the news that he had talked to Mandi a few hours before and sure enough, I had won!!!!!  I still was slightly in denial, but couldn't believe that we had done it!  We had spent the entire last week thinking, breathing, dreaming about how to get more votes, and it finally paid off!!  A few minutes later, the blog post appeared and officially showed that I was the winner.  The next morning I talked to Mandi and the planning had begun.  We had a crazy few days ahead of us, but we were both excited.

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Sarah Goodman said...

I love the picture of Colby taking a nap on your shoulder. So sweet! I need to give you the Disney pictures that I just took off my camera too. :) This looks like fun!