Thursday, November 1, 2012

Makeover Reveal!

Remember this?  

That room is a long distant memory because it no longer exists!  Thanks to Mandi, I now get to live in THIS...

It is unbelievable how perfect this room reflects Spence and I.  A few days before the transformation began, Mandi and I had been discussing the room and her plans, etc.  I was explaining to her that I was a little nervous, but more than anything, just plain excited.  Mandi went on to tell me that she really didn't have any specific plans for the room other than that it was going to be awesome. :)  She needed to meet Spence and I and see the room in person before she could really decide what direction to go.  Then the ideas would start flowing like magic... and MAGIC it was.

The wall was one of the largest projects in the room.  It took about four hours of trial and error before we got it just right - but holy cow - I love it. 

The headboard was a craigslist find that came to us in bright red velvet.  Jilly painted that bad boy and seriously it is a piece of art.

I really wanted hanging pendant lights at the sides of our bed so we found these glass vases at Home Goods and the lovely Mandi worked her magic once again.

I stinking LOVE the hot pink legs on this fab dresser.  A little paint can work wonders.  P.S. It's so nice to finally have a dresser large enough to hold more than my pajamas!

Oh, and can we also just chat about the rug for a second?  When the girls brought them (and the fact that I just said "them" will be addressed in a minute) home from World Market, I loved them, but to be honest, I was a liiitttlle nervous about how colorful it was and how it was going to look up against the amazing wall.  Once I saw the whole thing put together... it all made sense and I fell in LOVE with the rug in the room.  I swear, Mandi is a genius.  Oh and yes, this rug is actually 6 rugs woven together to create one and is one heavy beast.

Honestly, I love everything in our room, but this is one of my favorite little areas.  The canvas is AMAZING and I just love to sit on that couch and kick my feet up.  And I am not the only one that strokes those freaking awesome sequin pillows... Colby's pretty obsessed too.

Our cute little yellow gnome is our door stop.  While thrifting one night, Mia found a thumb sucking elf (the gnome above) and decided that it needed to be the designers challenge.  I mean, how random is a thumb sucking elf???  That thing was a one of a kind find... and it HAD to come home with us.  At first I thought that they were crazy, but then it became our mascot with a name, Mincemeat, and soon we all fell in love with that crazy thing.  Cheers at Lowe's, Goodwill, Restore, etc. were had in his name. 

I love that the canvas has a line from our wedding song painted on it.  I definitely didn't want to pick something cheesy for it to say, but this is the first line that Spence and I could think of.  I love that it is unique and personal to us.

The lighting in this room is the bomb.  Enough said.

The sliding barn door is not only awesome to have in our room... but it truly is a piece of art!

And I was under the impression that the bathroom was not included in the deal... but they stenciled the wall, added some art, as well as got some super cute bath rugs and a new shower curtain.  They outdid themselves.

Every night I lay in my bed and tell Spence how much I love our new room.  I. Love. Everything.  No joke.  I feel so blessed and grateful for not only a new bedroom that I love, but also being able to spend a whole week with Mandi, Hailee, Mia and Jill.  They are the most genuine, wonderful group of girls with an insane sense of humor.  After spending nearly every hour of everyday together the entire week, I feel like I've known these ladies for years already.  I will forever call them some of my greatest friends.  

And I have to do a HUGE shout out to the one and only Mandilicious.  It takes some serious guts to stroll into some strangers house for a week and overhaul a room, hoping that they will like it when all is said and done.  Apart from my little family, this is the best gift that I have ever been given.  Hands down.  You are so incredibly talented, dedicated, and the creativity never ends.  Love you so much girl!!

Jilly, Mia, Hailee (aka hardest worker on the planet), MandiJamielynLindsey.

Jamielyn and I

Mandi brought an incredible group of women to help her make our sweet room possible!

Miss you all like crazy!!



Jilly said...

Oh man!! I just relived the WHOLE experience! It was so much fun, and a memory that we will all remember forever! Thanks for being so great, and truly making us all feel like a part of your family for the week. We had a fabulous time!! Love you!

Dharma said...

By the amount of *love* you have for your new room, I know you were the right family to win such an awesome gift. Everyone of course is jealous with a capital J but happy you cherish so much. Oh, and Mincemeat is the BOMBA.

Celeste said...

I'm seriously so glad you won. no lie. It's awesome.

Amy said...

I was totally jealous when I saw your room but I think now I am even more jealous of the awesome time you had with all of these inspiring ladies. You are one lucky girl and I am so happy that you won. Your gratitude and sheer love of your room is apparent and touching. Congratulations and I will be looking forward to you using the skills the Great Mandi Fairy (with friends) taught you.

Rachel said...

I looooooove this kels. So glad that you guys won and had this opportunity!

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

I think it turned out fantastic! I love the rug and the canvas too. I'm so glad that you are thankful for it and the amazing opportunity that you got. You deserve it!