Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cooling Down

The weather started to cool down in October so Spence and I were finally able to take Colby to the park one afternoon without sweating bullets.  He loves the swings and especially the slide.  I was able to take a photography class at the recreation center this summer but it was always way too hot to bring Colby out with me to practice taking pictures.  So this was the perfect opportunity.  I am SO not great at it, but its a lot of fun.  I mainly just want to learn how to take pictures well enough that I am happy with the memories that I've captured of my little family as the years go on.
I think my photography teacher would be proud of the picture below. :) :)  Gosh he's so cute!!
And I had to add this one in because of the face he's making.  He learned what "Ready, set, go!" meant a few weeks before.  He likes us to say "Ready, set..." and then he finishes with "GO!"  This is his "GO!!" face in action.

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